Terms and conditions


I have tried to keep these simple but I believe they are necessary so that both you the client, and me, your photographer have clear expectations in order to avoid any disappointment or dispute. Please take the time to read this through, as booking a photo shoot with me signifies your agreement to these conditions.




Under the copyright and patents act of 1988, Deborah Johnson Photography retains the copyright of all images taken, unless specifically stated otherwise.


It is a criminal offence to copy, screen grab, scan or reproduce photographs without written consent by Deborah.  If you purchase digital files, you are granted a licence to use your images for personal use. Your purchased files can then be used for sharing with your friends and family on social media sites (watermarked copies will be provided for this purpose), for updating model or acting portfolios and printing out for yourself, family and friends. These images are not to be sold or given to any third parties without prior consent by Deborah.   Images that are purchased as digital files are not to be altered in any way that change the integrity of the image without prior consent.


Images taken during photographic sessions may be used by Deborah Johnson Photography for display or marketing purposes. This could include social media, marketing literature, or galleries on this website. This is for the purpose of promoting my photography so clients can see the style of work I create. If you would prefer your child’s images are not to be displayed in this way please let me know in writing when you book your photographic session.


By purchasing a digital file, you are also purchasing a licence to reproduce the images as many times and however you like for non profit making use. Please contact me to discuss commercial licences and their charges.




If you or your child become unwell all I ask is that you call and talk to me directly, as soon as possible, so that we may re-schedule. There is no sense in struggling through a shoot if you or your child are unwell. You will only forfeit your session fee if you cancel more than once. Likewise, if me or my children become unwell I will contact you to re-schedule at your earliest convenience.


In the unlikely event that I am too unwell to cover a timed event, such as a wedding or other social occasion, (thankfully I'm good and healthy and this has never happened!) I will return your deposit and do everything possible to find you a similarly priced and like minded photographer, and forward all planning details to them. I do not offer compensation. I believe that this is the position of any self-employed photographer.


Our wonderful British weather can often leave us guessing, it is the one thing we cannot order. If I decide on the day, or earlier, that the shoot can't go ahead I will get in touch and re-schedule. If we have to re-schedule a second time you will have the option of cancelling your shoot. Cancellations due to the weather are at my discretion. I have taken beautiful photographs in all sorts of conditions, an overcast day is often far better than bright sunlight and it will usually only be heavy rain that will put us off.


What your session fee covers


Unless stated otherwise photo shoot packages include:


My time and talent as a professional photographer during the session.

The use of all props available on the day where applicable.

My time and considerable editing experience to produce a fantastic final set of images for you to view at my studio.


Photo products and online galleries are purchased separately.




Payment of your session fees can be made by cash, cheque or BACS. Payment is due at the time of booking and secures your date and time.  Your session is not booked or reserved until payment has been made.


Other considerations


It is your responsibility as a client to check your Junk/Spam email folder for a confirmation email and any correspondence from me.


A photo shoot contract must be completed prior to your appointment.  Please submit this a minimum of 48 hours before your photo shoot.  Please note that the session can not take place without this.


In the extremely unlikely event of equipment failure I will offer a free re-shoot or your deposit returned in full. No compensation is offered but it is also worth pointing out that, to date this has never happened; my primary camera has two memory card slots recording images in parallel, and I have back up cameras and flash units.


© Deborah Johnson 2014-2017

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