Women's portraiture

When your children grow up and start looking for photos of you, what will they find? Family and friends adore seeing photographs of you, and not just on your wedding day, but throughout your life,  you deserve to show yourself at your most beautiful best.

As a professional photographer it's my job to capture how beautiful you naturally are and help you to relax and enjoy your personal portrait session.

Are you the kind of person who shies away from the camera while at the same time you long for some beautiful images that show you at your fantastic best, to keep forever?

I can help find your natural beauty, even if you have never been professionally photographed before. I can guide you through natural, elegant poses that will make you feel at ease and  result in stunning portraits.

Beauty doesn't have a size, or an age, everyone who experiences a portrait session at my studio will feel completely beautiful and confident.

Portrait sessions at my Studio Upstairs on Silver Street are private so you can feel absolutely fearless while pouting and posing and looking stunning!

If you are looking for an extra special treat then talk to me about my makeover sessions, perfect for marking special occasions or giving you a boost if you need a lift and to feel more empowered!

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